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why branding?

visual connection

The online world is an important place to share your work and market yourself but keeping your presence online personal can be difficult. Wouldn’t photos of you doing what you love behind the scenes, with your genuine smile make the weekly blog post or email so much easier?

Consistency is key

I don’t have to tell you that being consistent is an important part of your branding. Branding photos tell your story in a way that is uniquely you in your best light across all platforms. I help you style your photo session to perfectly match your colors and concepts.

TReat yourself

I know that you work all hours of the night because you’re passionate about what you do. I know this because I do the same! You deserve to be recognized for your hard work. Let me spoil you for a day that’s all about you and your amazing accomplishments!

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hello there

I’m Joanna! I’ve been playing with a camera for around ten years. I have experience in all types of photography; fashion, landscapes, and weddings. When I discovered branding photography the stars aligned, and angels sang because my skills and interests finally made sense together. Branding is really my sweet spot. It fills me up to encourage people in their business and dazzle them with their own amazing self in the form of photos! I’m a very calm and laid back person, although I do not compromise on details that matter. I’m always fully myself because I really dislike the strange small talk that happens between acquaintances. I like to skip right to being friends!


kind words

“Joanna makes you feel comfortable and natural when taking pictures. She makes you look like a magazine model and is very sweet AND you get awesome pictures out of it!! A win win situation right there if you ask me. Definitely would recommend.” -Abby

“It was great working with Joanna in getting pictures done!! If you do not know what you want for your photos, Joanna has got you. She has done her own research for sites, has camera knowledge, she’s friendly, positive, a happy person, and flexible.” -Amy

“If you’re looking for someone who knows their way around a camera that’s every photographer. But if you’re looking for someone who can make your dream photos a reality. Someone who is willing to take you on an adventure and exceed every expectation you have, that’s Joanna. Not only does she take phenomenal pictures but she takes you on an adventure in the process.” -Gracia


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